Volumetry – the latest trend in aesthetic medicine clinics

Volumetry – the latest trend in aesthetic medicine clinics

The longer you stay in this world, the more changes you can see on your face. Youth is characterized not only by light, smooth skin without wrinkles, but also (and maybe above all) by symmetry. Young faces have the shape of an inverted triangle, their features are symmetrical, and the features are gentle. The more years you are, the greater the risk that your face will lose its characteristic vigor. How to stop these processes? What do aesthetic medicine doctors recommend to their patients?

Volumetry – reverse the flow of time

Volumetric procedures are recommended for every patient who sees that her aging process causes more and more changes in the volume of facial tissues. Many people notice changes in the volume of the cheeks, collapse of the valley of tears, as well as irregular wrinkles. Volumetry techniques allow you to reverse these changes, restore symmetry, and refresh your image. The advantage of this procedure is its short duration and availability in many offices in almost every major city. However, we should not choose the first office from the shore – let’s choose the one in which specialists from real events work.

Performing volumetry is not easy, it requires a lot of skill and experience. Usually, the doctor uses hyaluronic acid to perform the procedure, but it is also popular to use your own body fat. It is taken from other parts of the patient’s body (usually the abdomen or hips) and implanted with a special cannula where it is needed. The substance allows a younger appearance, because the volume of soft tissues is increased in places where their defect was most visible.

In our youth, our faces are V-shaped, which means an inverted triangle. In addition, we can enjoy springy skin, and the face contour and oval are clear. Over the years, the face gravitates downwards, so its shape automatically turns (inverted V), the skin is more and more flaccid, and the chin line becomes wider. All these changes are associated with the loss of hyaluronic acid naturally occurring in the body, the deficiency of which has uninteresting effects on the appearance of the face. During the volumetric procedure, doctors inject the following places:

– cheekbones – in a young face this place is strongly visible, but with age the bone structure changes. The result is less and less prominent cheekbones

– cheeks – they are added in volume, because in their youth cheeks have clearly more body fat. An additional advantage of this solution is the addition of a gentle face

– contour enhancement – the doctor of aesthetic medicine strives to make the face contour clear, so it focuses not only on soft tissues, but also on the jaw line

– nasolabial folds – with age you can see them more and more, so interference with these changes can strongly rejuvenate the patient

– filling the valley of tears – one of the least aesthetic changes around the eyes, adding many years. Filling the valley of tears by a professional will not only rejuvenate the look, but also allow us to enjoy a more rested look

– filling the temples – especially in older women, strong collapse near the temples can be seen. This is associated with a change in the bone structure of the face. It is worth to fill these places, thus obtaining the effect of rejuvenation of the upper parts of the face

– improving the shape of the nose – the nose may change shape over the years, but the volume of this part of the face is used even in young patients. Thanks to the appropriate use of hyaluronic acid or your own adipose tissue, you can shape your nose and give it a nice shape without the need for nose surgery.


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